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Ozzie Jurock creates the tools and environment to help people succeed in Real Estate investment, in sales, in personal growth, and new media marketing.

Ozzie helps members build an action plan toward real estate success with his Real Estate Action Group, arming investors with the best information and insights possible with his Jurock Real Estate Insider. Find out more about Ozzie Jurock

Facts by Email

Facts by Email

The Facts by Email service provides international (as the US goes so goes Canada - eventually) national and regional news comments, (as far as they might affect real estate values), general and specific real estate information all evaluated by Ozzie Jurock. As past president of several of Canada's and the United States largest real estate companies, Ozzie Jurock has a unique insight into the exciting world of real estate investing. More info or subscribe now.

  • Jurock's Facts by Email, January 19, 2015

    • Questions, Questions, Comments
    • Eyebrow Raiser
    • UDI Forecast: Housing The Bull In A Fragile Real Estate Market
    • 50 Super Rich Fly Into Canada Under Pilot Program
    • Why Foreigners Are Buying Nanaimo Coffee Shops
    • Gee-Whiz Tech Wows Surrey Condos; But Sub-$100k Price The Real Zinger For Investors!?
    • Condo And Townhouse Construction Costs In BC
    • 5-year School Enrollment Shows BC's Fading Markets
    • Well Hello Toronto: Hogtown Hot For Landlords
    • Tool Box: Real Estate 101 - BC's Property Purchase Tax
    • US$100 Million Condo Breaks NYC Price Record - Chicago Parking Stalls Sell For $46,000 Each
    • Biggest Price Increase - Vancouver In 2014
    • Landrush Conference
    • Hot Property
    • Best Mortgages Rates: Surprise, Surprise Says Poloz!

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